We are excited to to welcome LBI Community Yoga back to the 5th Annual Makers Festival!

LBI Community Yoga was established in 2018 with the purpose of promoting, highlighting & elevating yoga happenings in the LBI Region. This year, six local yoga studios will be leading classes along the waterfront at Manahawkin Lake Park on September 21.

ALL LEVELS FLOW WITH BRIDGET & JUSTINE OF BENDY JANE AT 10A - This vinyasa based class is moderately flowed to help you build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance with a special focus on finding the right alignment in each posture.

VINYASA WITH DANA OF HOT OR NOT AT 11A - By linking mindful movement and breath, this creative and energetic class will have you flowing through postures designed to help you build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance all while maintaining a quiet and calm state of mind.

COMMUNITY KIRTAN WITH KEVIN OF THE YOGA HIVE ALL STUDIOS AT 12P - Sing, chant, drum & create a deeper connection with yourself & the community!

THE POSES & THEIR MYTHS WITH ANNE OF HANU YOGA AT 1P - Understand the legend behind some of your favorite poses. As you are guided through them, awaken to your own story and the life you are meant to live.

SLOW FLOW WITH CRYSTAL OF YOGA BOHEMIA / THE YOGA HIVE AT 2P - A slow flow vinyasa class the mindfully transitions in and out of postures.

CHAKRA BALANCING QI GONG WITH MALIA OF THE ISLAND WELLNESS CENTER AT 3P - Ground yourself with the Earth's energy and release stuck energy in your body mind and Spirit, balance your chakras (energy centers) with gentle flowing standing movement, and create an intention & connection to the energy above to help you manifest what you want.



You are welcome to attend as many classes as you'd like. There will be yoga classes running alongside the festival in a serene grassy lakeside space (follow the signs!). Classes are complimentary, however donations are welcome and will be directed to the Jetty Rock Foundation in memory of Christina Stoltz, a beloved yogi who battled cancer bravely before leaving her earthy sheath behind on September 14. When making a contribution, please note “Christina” on the check or online. 100% of the proceeds will be directed to her son BJ for medical expenses & his college tuition.

Please bring your own mat.  All ages and skill levels welcome! (pre-registration not mandatory, but recommended to guarantee your spot.)

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